Binance Island

Binance Island is probably bigger than you think. If you walk on the island carelessly you will get lost, especially if you're walking through the primeval forest at night.

The legend of Binance Island

Binance Island consists of the main island and thousands of small islands. The main island is the second-largest island in the MetaVoxel world. The island is rich in mineral resources, but also buried a large number of cryptocurrency such as BNB. Players with mining rights can land on the island for mining.

Crypto Zen is the owner of Binance Island and a crypto enthusiast, has a large number of cryptocurrency such as BNB. To push up the price of BNB, Crypto Zen will visit the island every three months to destroy part of the BNB (reducing the supply of BNB in circulation on the market). BNB destruction will take place on the island's burning platforms, after burning, most of the BNB will melt and flow into the ground, eventually turning into a variety of rare minerals, and some of the BNB may remain intact and be carried to all corners of the island by strong winds and rain.

Crypto Zen visits the island every three months, and if you are lucky, you may see Crypto Zen on the island.

Surrounding islands

There are thousands of small islands around Binance Island, which are usually owned by businessmen who run companies on the BSC. These businessmen often hold various activities on the island, such as burying their company's internal currency and arts on the island for tourists to find.

Before the launch of the MetaVoxel game, we will give away nearly half of the Binance Island to the BSC project. If you are the head of the BSC project, please email us.

Scenic spots

  • Binance Mountain;

  • Binance Burning Table;

  • Binance Cave;

  • Lost Forest;

  • Binance Relic;

  • Dense Forest Lake;

  • Cryptopunks Monument Forest;

  • Metavoxel Windmill Island;

  • Meebits Stonehenge;

  • For more information, please explore SnowCrash Space.

Binance Burning Table

Binance Burning Table is located at the top of Binance Mountain. Because of burning BNB all year round, there is always hot metal liquid flowing in the burning table. You need to be extra careful standing next to the burning table.

Lost Forest

Lost Forest is the easiest place to get lost on Binance Island. But even so, there are still many explorers willing to venture through, because there is a huge relic in the depths of the forest, surrounded by a great deal of wealth.

Binance Relic

There is a relic in the endless Lost Forest of Binance Island. Although the wall of the relic has long been dilapidated, the huge Binance totem in the center of the relic is intact. There are a lot of $BNB scattered around the site, but it is difficult for explorers who come to the site to take these $BNB away easily. It is rumored that there is a mysterious force guarding this wealth all the time. Beneath the relic, there is a huge underground ancient city, and so far, no one has found out where the entrance to the underground ancient city is.

Dense Forest Lake

The Dense Forest Lake is the deepest lake on Binance Island.

Metavoxel Windmill Island

When players log in for the first time on Binance Island will land on the beach under the Binance Mountain, and next to it there will be the beautiful scenic MetaVoxel Windmill Island. MetaVoxel Windmill Island is a tiny island and also the safest island on Binance Island. Every adventurer who lands on the island will get a little surprise.

After the launch of the official version of the MetaVoxel game, the first 500 players (tentative) who log in to MetaVoxel Windmill Island can pick up a Nora universal tool. Nora universal tool is the most powerful tool in the MetaVoxel world, which can chisel almost any rock layer, and is the most coveted tool for miners. Of course, the Nora universal tool also has some lethality and can be used to attack enemies (beasts).

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