Open Letter 003623

In appreciation of the recent efforts of the Pizza Deliverers (SnowCrash DAO community volunteers) and the community's outstanding contributors, we decided to reward each of them with a virtual company and create initial liquidity for each virtual company's token on PancakeSwap.

For now, the types of virtual companies that are open to registration are marketing companies and mining companies.

Marketing company

The core mission of the marketing company is to spread MetaVoxel to the world, to boost the rapid development of MetaVoxel and the entire metaverse industry.

Mining company

The core mission of mining companies is to provide mining services for players. For example: to provide mining exchanges and training services.

Important note: at present, all virtual companies are in the stage of trial operation, and the core purpose is to make early players familiar with how virtual companies operate and reserve talents for their own virtual companies in advance. The early token economic model of a virtual company was designed by Meme MetaVoxelDAO and SnowCrash DAO.

What you need to know about virtual companies

  1. By default, virtual company names in the MetaVoxel world are suffixed with MetaVoxelDAO.

  2. The total token supply of most virtual companies is 1 million.

  3. The longer you join a virtual company, the higher the salary.

  4. Mining in the MetaVoxel world requires joining a virtual company.

  5. Employees need to pay a certain percentage of commission to their virtual company after making money through MetaVoxel.

  6. One person can hold multiple virtual companies’ tokens at the same time, but can only work in three virtual companies at the same time, and there can be no competition between the virtual companies.

  7. To join a virtual company, you need to own a small number of tokens of the virtual company and be approved by the founder of the virtual company.

  8. One person can create up to two virtual companies.

  9. Running a virtual company in the MetaVoxel world is no easier than running a virtual company in the real world.

  10. Meme MetaVoxelDAO holds 5%-10% of each virtual company's tokens.

How to increase the influence of your virtual company

  1. Create a meaningful name and an easy-to-remember Logo.

  2. Create an official social media account for your virtual company.

  3. Create Telegram, Discord, and other groups for virtual companies.

  4. Be familiar with the basic operation skills of GitHub, and improve the information of the virtual company on GitHub.

  5. In-depth study of MetaVoxel, DeFi, GameFi, and so on.

  6. Lock virtual company tokens to show confidence to the employees and virtual company token holders.

Meme MetaVoxelDAO provides the following support for virtual companies

Meme MetaVoxelDAO will provide the following services for some excellent virtual companies free of charge.

  1. Improve the virtual company brand image.

  2. Create a virtual company website.

  3. List on CoinMarketCap.

  4. Submit the virtual company token logo to each major crypto wallet.

Complete your virtual company profile.

If you are currently qualified to create a virtual company, please click the button below to complete your virtual company profile.

Note: the name of a virtual company cannot be the same as a well-known company in the real world.

A few issues that $Nora holders might be concerned about

Will the virtual company token weaken the value of $Nora?

No, on the contrary, it will increase the value of $Nora. In the whole MetaVoxel world, $Nora stands for "Power". As a community governance token, the holder of $Nora will determine how the entire MetaVoxel world works.

When will the Pizza Deliverers’ virtual company be launched?

Soon, stay tuned for community announcements.

When will virtual company registration be opened?

Before the launch of MetaVoxel, a small number of virtual company registrations will be opened. stay tuned for community announcements.

SnowCrash DAO Team

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