There are many islands in MetaVoxel, some of which contain large amounts of ore (such as iron, stone, etc.) and some rare treasures (such as gold, diamonds, ancient fossils, etc.). Even some islands have large amounts of cryptocurrency. Players with mining licenses can dig on designated islands.

Mining in MetaVoxel is almost the same as mining in the real world. There are open pit pools in the game, but more ore is buried in the mountains, underground and at the bottom of the sea. Players need to mine with the help of shovels, mining drills, explosives and other tools.

Each mining license (divided into long-term and fixed-term) and each ore in MetaVoxel corresponds to an NFT (Non-Fungible Token), which players can trade freely.

No one can know in advance where the ore is hidden, including our engineers

The ore coordinates in the game are automatically generated by the encryption algorithm, and no one can know the exact location of the ore in advance, including our engineers.

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