$PushDoge is an indispensable ecological token in the MetaVoxel ecology, which can be used to buy pets, pets’ food, and other props in the MetaVoxel world.

Token overview

Name: Pushinka Doge Token Symbol: $PushDoge Total supply: 3,844,000,000,000 PushDoge Blockchain platform: Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Contract address: 0x75c7651ecdabbea371109f999e57711540f0ec27

Token economics

SnowCrash DAO: 10% (locked for 1 year) Binance Island mining pool reserve: 50% (time to release must be no less than 5 years) Public sale: 20% Liquidity: TBD Marketing: 5%

How to buy $PushDoge?

You can exchange $USDT for $PushDoge on PancakeSwap.

Latest airdrop event for $PushDoge holders

One MetaDoge (click here to learn more) will be airdropped for every 435,000,000 $PushDoge. The airdrop will be released within 15 days after the pre-sale event. We will take a snapshot of the amount of $PushDoge one day before the airdrop, and before the snapshot, we will make an announcement on Twitter.

Note: the contract address and the financial wallet do not participate in this airdrop event.

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