Open Letter 0170

We’ve received a large number of emails and Telegram messages (including lots of spam) recently, and we’re very sorry that we couldn’t reply to all of them at the moment. This open letter will focus on some questions that most people are concerned about.

All great products come from a great idea, a great "PPT".

In 2008, Turkish professor Erdal Arikan released a great "PPT" - Polar Code.

In October 2016, Huawei announced that it had achieved 27 Gbit/s in 5G field trial tests using polar codes for channel coding. The improvements have been introduced so that the channel performance has now almost closed the gap to the Shannon limit, which sets the bar for the maximum rate for a given bandwidth and a given noise level.

This is the importance of "PPT".

Why wasn’t MetaVoxel internal testing open to the public?

Almost every software engineer can quickly analyze the technology we're using after downloading the MetaVoxel APP. We don't want to have a large number of "replicas" on the market before the release of the open-testing version of MetaVoxel.

When will SnowCrash DAO achieve real DAO?

If the community is unanimous that handing over control of SnowCrash DAO to the community at this stage is more beneficial to the development of SnowCrash DAO, we can do so at any time (including MetaVoxel source code and detailed planning for the future).

Why has the frequency of Twitter updates become lower recently?

We realize that in the current situation, any tweets will have a non-negligible impact on the price of $Nora. We want to avoid this as much as possible. Therefore, follow-up Twitter will only post some important announcements.

Have we considered optimizing the way we communicate with the community?

Certainly, as you can see, we’re recruiting Social Media Marketing Managers. However, please note that considering a large number of fake Pizza Deliverers (SnowCrash DAO community volunteers) have recently appeared on Telegram trying to contact us, and also communicate with holders in the name of SnowCrash DAO officials or Pizza Deliverers, so after the publication of this open letter, and until our Social Media Marketing Manager is in place, we will not reply to any Telegram messages.

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