Meme MetaVoxelDAO

Meme MetaVoxelDAO, headquartered on MetaVoxel Petrichor Island, is a virtual company in the MetaVoxel world serving MetaVoxel world citizens and virtual companies (including SnowCrash DAO). Meme MetaVoxelDAO has two important missions:

  1. Improve the happiness of MetaVoxel world citizens.

  2. Provide first-class marketing services to virtual companies in the MetaVoxel world and help them achieve rapid growth.

You may want to know more about Meme MetaVoxelDAO

  1. Meme MetaVoxelDAO is the first non-native virtual company in the MetaVoxel world, as well as the first virtual company supported by SnowCrash DAO.

  2. MetaVoxel will airdrop 10%-50% of each new NFT issued by MetaVoxel to $Me3 holders in the next 2 years.

  3. Meme MetaVoxelDAO will airdrop benefits for employees and $Me3 holders from time to time. The longer you hold $Me3, the more benefits you will get.

  4. Meme MetaVoxelDAO is probably the only virtual company in the MetaVoxel world where employees don't have to work.

  5. MetaVoxelDAO is probably the biggest virtual company in the MetaVoxel world.

Token overview

Name: Meme MetaVoxelDAO Symbol: $Me3 Total supply: 142,857 $Me3 Blockchain platform: Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Contract: 0x0e2ad3737c08ad55fd1cd5213bf1abd577e8cb67

Token economics

Meme MetaVoxelDAO founding team (SnowCrash DAO): 20% Meme MetaVoxelDAO employees: 10% Binance Island mining pool reserve: 45% Public sales: 10% Liquidity: TBD Marketing: 5%

How to buy $Me3?

You can exchange $Nora for $Me3 on PancakeSwap.

Latest airdrop event for $Me3 holders

One MEPE (Metavoxel Petrichor Island land NFT, click here to learn more) will be airdropped for every 10 $Me3, and MEPE with different numbers will be airdropped randomly. The airdrop will be released within 1 month after the pre-sale event. Three days before the airdrop, we will take a snapshot of the amount of $Me3. Before the snapshot, we will make an announcement on Twitter.

Note: The contract address and Meme MetaVoxelDAO financial wallet do not participate in this airdrop event.


I have 27 $Me3, how many MEPE airdrops can I receive?

2 MEPE, 1 MEPE airdropped for every 10 $Me3.

Can I sell $Me3 after receiving the MEPE airdrop?


Will the virtual company token weaken the value of $Nora?

No. Detailed answers can be found here

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