Whether you want to play MetaVoxel games or invest in $Nora. It is necessary to read this document carefully. Not only does this help you understand how to play MetaVoxel and the connection between SnowCrash Space and MetaVoxel, but it also helps you understand what we're trying to do.

MetaVoxel is a fully decentralized world (Metaverse) inspired by Minecraft and constructed by infinite voxels. MetaVoxel is controlled via the DAO. Via the DAO, you decide and vote on how the world works.

In MetaVoxel, players can mine and build as much as they want. There are many islands in MetaVoxel, some of which contain large amounts of ores (such as iron, stone, etc.) and some rare treasures (such as gold, diamonds, ancient fossils, etc.). Players can use ore-making tools to build houses, or exchange for other valuable items (of course, they can sell these ores). There are also some islands with a beautiful environment and lots of animals and plants, which are very suitable for players to settle down, set up and operate their own virtual companies.

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