Virtual Company

In MetaVoxel, players control the virtual company, and the virtual company controls SnowCrash Space.

Create your virtual company in the game

In MetaVoxel, anyone and any organization can create their own company, issue company token, and list on Space Swap. After MetaVoxel is officially online, real world companies can also easily move real world companies to MetaVoxel through MetaVoxel API.

Note: To create a virtual company, players need to have their own houses in MetaVoxel.

What companies can players create?

  • Map design company;

  • Architectural design company;

  • Advertising company;

  • Ore tools stores;

  • Mining company;

  • For more information, please explore SnowCrash Space.

The “native” company in the game

SnowCrash DAO

Responsible for the governance of the whole community. Virtual companies and players in the game can be taxed.

SnowCrash Army

Responsible for maintaining the peace of the game, recruiting members, and promoting the game.

Snowball Finance

The financial company in the game helps SnowCrash Dao and players to make investments and financial management.

Space Swap

DEX in the SnowCrash DAO. The virtual companies in the game can issue company tokens and be listed on Space Swap.

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