Play to Earn

In MetaVoxel world, entertainment is business, and business is entertainment.

Although players can make money in MetaVoxel, we don't want it to become a money game. We want to use MetaVoxel to inspire the creativity of every player and give them the ability to make the real world a better place.

How can players make money?

  • Mining;

  • Create a virtual company;

  • Sale of land or islands;

  • Synthesize tools and sell them;

  • Selling advertisements;

  • Help other players build houses;

  • Compete with other players;

  • Participate in the rescue (bring back players who get lost or fall into the cave);

  • Make game maps;

  • For more information, please explore SnowCrash Space.

We hope and believe that you will be the strong man both in MetaVoxel and in the real world. You must believe it too.

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