SnowCrash Space

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There are two worlds in SnowCrash Space, the MetaVoxel and the real world, and players can travel freely between the two worlds. In general, when we refer to SnowCrash Space, we mean MetaVoxel + the real world. When it comes to MetaVoxel, it refers to the virtual world in SnowCrash Space game.

About SnowCrash Space

SnowCrash Space is a massive, collaborative, multiplayer open-world game. There are two worlds in SnowCrash Space: the MetaVoxel (Metaverse) and the real world (the world we’re in right now). The interesting challenges are not only distributed in the MetaVoxel, but also in the real world, which means that at some point, you’ll need to grab your phone (or future smart hardware released by SnowCrash Space), open the SnowCrash Space App and step outside your home to complete some of the challenges.

SnowCrash Space is different from traditional games in many ways, but perhaps the most impressive difference is this: You’re not just a player at SnowCrash Space, you’re the creator of the game. When SnowCrash Space 1.0 is released, we will make SnowCrash Space fully open source and anyone will be able to design the game.

SnowCrash Space and the player’s mission

SnowCrash Space is in line with the player’s mission: to create a vibrant and sustainable world.

Please remember

Last but not least, please remember that SnowCrash Space is a game that really belongs to you, a game that belongs to the players.

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