MetaDoge is the first animal in the MetaVoxel world that can interact with the real world, and it is almost the first truly metaverse puppy in the world, and each MetaDoge was born with exactly the same indicators like stamina, running speed, and intelligence. If you want your MetaDoge to grow faster, run faster, have more stamina, and have higher intelligence, you need to train them in the real world.

What you need to know about MetaDoge

  1. MetaDoge can take you home if you get lost in the MetaVoxel world. After getting lost without a MetaDoge, you may have to spend a lot of time exploring your route or paying ($Nora) for a rescue team to take you home.

  2. MetaDoge can help you explore for minerals, and MetaDoge can take you to places with more mineral resources.

  3. MetaDoge can help you avoid or minimize damage if you encounter aggressive animals in the wild.

  4. MetaDoge can protect your home and property in the MetaVoxel world.

  5. MetaDoge can be reproduced, so the total amount of MetaDoge is not fixed.

  6. MetaDoge will evolve. If you often go to the North Pole of MetaVoxel with your MetaDoge, your MetaDoge will be more cold-resistant and the offspring they produce will have strong cold-resistant ability as well.

  7. When MetaDoge is not fed or trained for long periods of time, indicators such as stamina will slowly decline and can even lead to death. Therefore, it's important to log in to MetaVoxel regularly to give enough care to your MetaDoge.

  8. If you don’t log in to MetaVoxel for a certain period of time, consider putting your MetaDoge in a friend's home and asking your friend to take care of it. However, it's important to note that if your MetaDoge spends too much time in foster care, its loyalty to you will also decrease.

  9. Having 10 MetaDoge can form a rescue team, and the rewards for participating in a rescue are substantial.

  10. MetaDoge can compete with each other.

  11. Important note: If you do decide to own a MetaDoge, please treat it like a real-world pet, and trust me, it will surprise you beyond your expectations.

How to get MetaDoge’s food?

  1. Open MetaVoxel App on your mobile devices, and the map (the map of the real world) will show where there is food. To get food, just take the mobile device to the coordinates where there is food and click "collect food". In general, locations like parks, rivers, and forests are abundant in food. Moreover, when we cooperate with some merchants in the future, you can also go to PetSmart, Walmart, McDonald's, and other stores to get food according to the hints.

  2. Use $PushDoge to buy food in the MetaVoxel world.

How to improve MetaDoge’s indicators like stamina, running speed etc.?

The MetaVoxel mobile App will keep track of your personal training record, which means: if you can run fast in the real world, your MetaDoge will run fast in the MetaVoxel world as well. Therefore, we encourage you to enjoy the outdoors in your spare time.

NFT overview

Name: MetaDoge Symbol: MetaDoge Supply: 1,969 MetaDoge Blockchain platform: Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Contract: 0x207ec29afe60a4933c71cd2590d944a79cfe129b

MetaDoge pre-sale plan

MetaDoge will not be sold directly but will be airdropped to $PushDoge holders for free. Click here to learn more.

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