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This open letter answers in detail some of the most important questions that community members are currently asking and how MetaVoxel operates. We welcome anyone to ask us any questions (Including queries) at any time, but we will focus on answering those questions that we think make sense and will never answer questions related to the $Nora price.

This open letter touches on technical topics that might be difficult for the average gamer to understand, so we strongly recommend you to read it a few times if you're interested in what we're doing.

What is the official marketing plan for SnowCrash DAO?

We will try to make a game that most people are willing to share and show on social platforms, and most people are willing to invite friends to play. This is our marketing plan.

Many people may think that MetaVoxel is just a game. However, in our view, MetaVoxel is not just a game. In fact, we have never simply defined MetaVoxel as a game. What we want to create is a social platform, a world infinitely close to reality. Anyone can meet new people, play, and work in the MetaVoxel World. If you can understand this (MetaVoxel is not only a game, but also a social product). You can understand why we are not so anxious about marketing. Because excellent social products will spread automatically.

Of course, in order to solve the doubts of community members more thoroughly, we will take this opportunity to release a small number of details about SnowCrash DAO's marketing plan, as follows.

MetaVoxel immigration recommendation reward

The "Aboriginal Application Whitelist" will be opened before the launch of the official version of MetaVoxel, and whitelist users will become the first citizens in the MetaVoxel World. The first batch of MetaVoxel citizens have 5-10 slots for inviting friends to immigrate to the MetaVoxel World, and are rewarded for successfully inviting friends to immigrate to the MetaVoxel World.

There are three ways to become a citizen in MetaVoxel World:

  1. Become an "Aboriginal Whitelist" user;

  2. Through citizen invitation in MetaVoxel World;

  3. Investment immigration.

The details of immigration policy, invitation mechanism and invitation reward will be announced before MetaVoxel's official release.

Binance Island small island (Co-marketing)

There are thousands of small islands around Binance Island. Quality project representatives in BSC ecology can claim an island for free. Of course, the premise is to hold more than three marketing events on Binance Island. We believe linking to more projects is very "lucrative" for both MetaVoxel and our partners.

Twitter crypto opinion leader referral reward (Co-marketing)

"X" Island will also be available when the official version of MetaVoxel is launched. Some of the land on the "X" island will be reserved for crypto opinion leaders on Twitter. At that time, crypto opinion leaders on Twitter will log in to MetaVoxel using their Twitter account and simply tweet and pin the tweet for some time to get a piece of land.

How does MetaVoxel solve the problem of having a large number of users online at the same time?

Explaining this to the average gamer seems very difficult, so we'll try to explain how MetaVoxel works in the plainest language possible. If you get it, you will find that this is a wonderful design.

It is true that a large number of users are online at the same time is a big problem, but in MetaVoxel users do not need to be huddled in the same world.

We've talked about this before: SnowCrash Space = Real World + MetaVoxel World (Virtual World). If we want to fully explain how MetaVoxel works, you also need to understand: what is MetaVoxel World made of?

MetaVoxel World is a super large world composed of many Parallel Worlds. With the launch of the official version of MetaVoxel, each Parallel World will be able to keep 110 people online at the same time, including 100 players and 10 Parallel World patrol officers (We call them swordsmen). Parallel Worlds patrol officers have special skills (Such as flying and fast movement skills) in Parallel Worlds and can travel freely between different Parallel Worlds. Their mission is to maintain peace in Parallel Worlds, such as helping players out of troubles and detect cheating players.

Parallel World maps are updated in real time (Up to 110 people online at the same time, data updated in real time). MetaVoxel World map is updated weekly or monthly at a fixed time, when the maps of each Parallel World are automatically merged and overwrite the existing maps of MetaVoxel World.

Please note: although the maps between each Parallel World are not updated in real time, but the time and mineral coordinates in each Parallel World are synchronized with the MetaVoxel World in real time. This means that when a mineral in a Parallel World is dug away by a player, the mineral disappears in other Parallel Worlds.

In addition, the Parallel World is subdivided into two worlds:

  1. Business World. Natural mineral resources are very scarce in the business world. Players can build their favorite houses with unique styles and create virtual companies in the business world. Although players can travel freely in the business world, they can only build houses on land where they have the rights to own or use the land.

  2. Energy World. The characteristic of the energy world is that it is very rich in natural mineral resources. In the energy world, you may only dig (Mining) but not built (Houses).

If you can understand the above, you should be able to understand: MetaVoxel World is a massive, truly player-created world with a lot of players working together. This is why we have stressed many times that MetaVoxel is a game that really belongs to players. In MetaVoxel World, every player is the Protagonist.

What networks are the data distributed in different worlds?

Data in the MetaVoxel World is stored in a multi-tier network (Server).

  • Time: MetaVoxel centralized server;

  • Token, NFT, Smart contract: BSC (Decentralized network);

  • Map: player's game console (Local), MetaVoxel centralized server;

  • Mineral coordinates and mineral coordinate encryption algorithm: MetaVoxel centralized server and BSC (Decentralized network).

Where do MetaVoxel minerals come from? Will the minerals run out?

Theoretically, the minerals will not run out. There are two major categories of minerals in MetaVoxel World, one is Token and NFT in MetaVoxel ecosystem, and the other is non-MetaVoxel crypto-assets (Such as BNB). Non-MetaVoxel crypto-assets mainly come from advertising sponsors and the financial income of SnowCrash DAO.

How does MetaVoxel prevent players from cheating?

In terms of smart contracts, before the official version of MetaVoxel is launched, no less than two blockchain smart contract security audit institutions will pass multiple rounds of review. On the game client side, we have anti-cheating mechanisms, some details will be announced later.

Why does the SnowCrash DAO team choose anonymity?

Many excellent project founding teams in the world are anonymous, including Bitcoin, PancakeSwap, and so on. We choose anonymity not because we think anonymity is cool or to follow suit, but because we think anonymity is more conducive to the development of the community.

SnowCrash Space is a huge world, and we just designed and built the prototype of the world. It must be the players in the world who really make the world prosperous. Therefore, in our opinion, we did not create SnowCrash Space, but this era created SnowCrash Space, thousands of adventurers created SnowCrash Space. SnowCrash DAO does not belong to a certain person or team, it belongs to the whole community. If SnowCrash DAO ever appears on the cover of Time Magazine in a positive light, we hope it will feature the names of every community member, not the founding team.

Therefore, if someone asks who the SnowCrash DAO team members are? The standard answer should always be: $Nora holders.

When will $Nora liquidity problem be resolved?

Normally, as long as we are patient, $Nora liquidity problem can be effectively solved in a very short time after the launch of MetaVoxel (Multiple virtual companies in MetaVoxel are committed to solving this problem).

However, given the constant calls from the community to address this problem, we will soon release a solution to $Nora liquidity issue.

SnowCrash DAO Team

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