Tasks in Space

SnowCrash Space is in line with the player’s mission: to create a dynamic and sustainable world. Therefore, all the tasks in SnowCrash Space will revolve around “making the world a better place”. Here are some reference tasks.

Tasks in MetaVoxel

  • Feed your virtual pet;
  • Take part in a game quiz to learn a new skill;
  • Design a new map for the game;
  • Work with other players to find the saboteur of the game;
  • And more…

Tasks in the real world

  • Donate $1 worth of cryptocurrency to a charity;
  • Ride for 30 minutes;
  • Train your virtual pet in the real world;
  • Participate in the Stratosphere Plan to spread DEFI around the world;
  • Record moments in the city’s history with photos or videos;
  • Put up a charity poster;
  • And more…