Petrichor Island

Let’s explore DAO's greatest potential together on Petrichor Island.

Petrichor Island is currently the largest island in the MetaVoxel world. 80% of the land on the island is commercial land. SnowCrash DAO’s headquarter is also located on Petrichor Island.

Petrichor Island is a bold, imaginative and challenging experiment. We hope to create a city on Petrichor Island that is infinitely close to reality. From the landscape to the architecture, to the economy. In other words, we hope that one-day Petrichor Island will have land/house prices equal to those in the real world.

Risk note: Despite our confidence in MetaVoxel and Petrichor Island, and despite our low land pricing on Petrichor Island, there are still many uncertain potential risks associated with land purchase. Therefore, we recommend that each player purchase no more than 5 pieces of land.

What you need to know about Petrichor Island

We want you to understand that the land you are buying is just a "Blank Piece of Paper", and if you want the "Blank Piece of Paper" to grow in value, you have to draw on the "Blank Piece of Paper". We encourage land owners to paint as much as they like, to build as much as they like, rather than wait for the land to grow in value.

  • There is a "New Citizen Gift Pack" buried under every piece of land on the island, which can be dug up within a month of MetaVoxel launching. If you don't dig out the gift bag for more than a month, it will disappear automatically.

  • In addition to the "New Citizen Gift Pack", there are some seeds buried under each piece of land. The more visitors there are on the land, the faster the seeds will grow, and the lusher the plants will be, the greener the land will be, and the value of the land will probably be higher.

  • There are more than 3,000 pieces of land on the island. SnowCrash DAO will reserve about 10%-20% of the land and sell the rest in batches.

  • 80% of the island is commercial land, which can be used for building houses, billboards, etc.

  • If you own 5 pieces of land, you will be qualified to set up a virtual company on Petrichor Island.

  • Adjacent land can be combined into a larger land.

  • A default size piece of land can also be divided into several small pieces of land.

  • Owning 300 adjacent land can apply to SnowCrash DAO for the establishment of a small town.

  • Owning 1,000 adjacent land can rename Petrichor Island.

  • Land on the coast can be expanded through reclamation projects.

  • Landowners will be granted MetaVoxel citizenship.

  • About 70% of each piece of land can be used to build houses, and SnowCrash DAO will build public facilities such as roads and bridges on some land.

  • Land can be traded and leased freely, but it needs to be taxed to SnowCrash DAO (the tax rate is 10%, paid by the seller/lessor).

  • The headquarter of SnowCrash DAO is also located on Petrichor Island. If you are lucky, you may become a neighbor of SnowCrash DAO.

  • The weather on the island is synchronized with the weather on an island in the real world. Can you guess which island it is?

  • We are recruiting developers and residents of the new world, not simply selling land.

  • Regarding Petrichor Island, our ultimate goal is to purchase an island in the real world, which is owned by the landholders of MetaVoxel Petrichor Island.

NFT overview

Name: MetaVoxel Petrichor Island Land Symbol: MEPE Total supply: 2,980 MEPE Blockchain platform: Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Contract: To be announced

Land pre-sale plan

Land on Petrichor Island (MEPE) will not be sold directly but will be airdropped free to $Me3 holders. Click here to learn more.

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