Open Letter 0383

We are pleased to announce that the internal testing version of MetaVoxel will be released very soon. This round of tests will open 250 places, 100 for macOS and 150 for Windows. Internal testing time is about 30 - 45 days. If you are interested in this, you may click the button below to apply.

Notes for internal testers

We have prepared unimaginably great rewards for internal testers, which can be won by completing internal tests in accordance with the following criteria.

  1. Hold at least 300 $Nora;

  2. During the testing period, you must be online for at least 2 hours a day;

  3. MetaVoxel can only be installed on one computer;

  4. In this round of testing, there will be multiple servers (San Francisco, London, and Hong Kong). In order to ensure the fluency of the game, we recommend that players with internal testing qualifications use game accelerators for testing;

  5. Experience feedback must be submitted to the SnowCrash DAO team every two days;

  6. Submit a complete experience report to the SnowCrash DAO team after internal testing;

  7. Additional rewards for submitting security-related bugs;

  8. Allow SnowCrash DAO officials to collect and analyze relevant data through the MetaVoxel app to improve MetaVoxel;

  9. Do not disclose any officially undisclosed information about MetaVoxel to a third party before the release of the official version of MetaVoxel, including but not limited to: screenshots, videos, how to play, being an internal tester of MetaVoxel, etc.

  10. If you violate the above rules, you will lose your qualification and reward for internal testing.

If you are sure that the above conditions are met, please click the button below to apply.


Starting time

Starting time of internal testing applications: From now until Dec 31, 2021 24:00 UTC Verifying time: Jan 1, 2022 0:00 - Jan 5, 2022 24:00 UTC Internal testing time: Jan 6, 2022 8:00 UTC, around 30 - 45 days

System requirements


Works on Windows 8, 8.1, 10 and 11. May work on older versions, but not officially supported.


macOS 10.14 or later is recommended.

About the launch time of open testing version

We will evaluate the launch time of open testing version after internal testing, and we will answer more questions in the next open letter.

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